New : MATISSE-v3.6 is available !

The radiative transfer code MATISSE can help to design/realize optronic sensor and develop detection algorithm in spectral bandwidth ranging from 0.25 (LOS) / 0.4 (IMG) to 14 μm. It provides:

  • spectral images of natural backgrounds as clear atmosphere, water and ice altitude clouds, geolocated land and sea, as seen by spaceborne, airborne or shipborne sensors.
  • path transmission and radiances along a line of sight, with special care of mirage effect at very low altitude above sea surface
  • contribution to the evaluation of target / background contrast (line by line) 
  • sky radiance or local illumination around a target point for signature computation.
  • turbulence characterization for VIS, IR imaging

>> MATISSE-v3.6 infrared image as seen by a spaceborne radiometer (at 4.0 µm in clear sky condition)








>> MATISSE-v3.5 infrared (3-5 µm) sea surface image at grazing angles

>> MATISSE-v3.5 use of very low altitude above sea surface propagation model
(Spectral path radiance and transmission with extremity zenith angles computation)

MATISSE manages a whole collection of global geolocated and complementary databases: atmospheric profiles, aerosols, digital terrain elevation and biome, cloud’s optical parameters, ground spectral reflectivity… Databases consistence is provided. A graphical user interface (GUI) helps to define your computational cases.

>>  MATISSE database

MATISSE represents about fifteen years of studies and development with gathers part of modeling done at Onera and in collaboration with research laboratories (IREENA, IRIT, LMD, LOA, Météo-France/CNRM, RDDC…). Validation is included in MATISSE development by periodic comparisons with measurements (example: MIRAMER field campaign for the sea surface model).

The code was used by DGA (French MoD), French Defense companies and research laboratories.

MATISSE-v3.6 reference version is available under French MoD supervision (license agreement acceptance needed).